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Mr Gunface

Posted by POLARuk - January 17th, 2012

Mr Gunface lives!!!! Our first proper attempt at a game, hope you all enjoy playing!

Tips and hints:

The first few levels of Mr Gunface should not pose too much of a challenge, take this time to get used to controlling the gunface drone (w,a,s,d - or - cursor keys) and cycling the weapons (1,2,3,4)

If you keep dying quickly, you may not have enough points in 'armour'. The items section can be found in the Faceshop

Once you settle with a weapon configuration that you feel is working for you, try to increase your weapon levels in these guns.

Green enemies take full damage from all types of weapons. The 8 weapons that you start with are 'standard' weapons. There are 8 'alien' weapons to unlock by defeating the Zenoba bosses.

You will encounter Red enemies at level 11, who are heavily resistant to 'standard' weapons. By now you will have access to 'alien' weapons for the eyes and nose sockets. 'Alien' weapons cause full damage to red enemies.

You will encounter Blue enemies at level 16, who are heavily resistant to 'alien' weapons. You will need to use 'standard' weapons against these guys.

On mixed coloured waves, use a combination of both 'standard' and 'alien' weapons.

It is useful to return to waves that you have previously completed. It is much easier to earn the 'S' Class achievements with a gunface drone many levels higher than your current wave. Getting the 'S' Class trophies earn you free levels in weapons and items, this can seriously turn the odds in your favour.

There are 6 stages to complete, and 5 waves per stage. Complete all 5 waves per stage with 'S' Class trophies to unlock the global bonuses featured on the campaign map.

Complete wave 20 to unlock ZOMBIES MODE - we all like to fight with zombies.. Every minute that passes the zombies become tougher, faster, more damaging - and there are more of them. You can earn serious money in ZOMBIES if you can survive for as long as possible.

Complete wave 25 to unlock RAMPAGE MODE - Earn mega bucks and compete for HI-SCORES

Wave 26 onwards features elite Zenoba enemies. These are the toughest in Mr Gunface, and should be treated with extreme caution. Hi-Damage weapons are better against purple enemies. (The damage of your weapons can be found in the Faceshop.

High Multiplier combos are the key to earning 'S' Class awards. If the timer is about to run out while you are attacking a tank, you may not kill it quickly enough to maintain your multiplier bonus. Kill a smaller enemy with the last of your ammo, this will give your reload a chance to happen before the multiplier bonus is lost. If you find that you keep losing the bonus because of having to reload. You can upgrade the time it takes to reload in the items section of Faceshop.